Russian in Phoenix
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Why Learn Russian?

First, Lomonosov said that if someone would know how to speak Russian, he will find out that this language has the beauty of Spanish, the vividity of French, the strength of German, the tenderness of Italian. Moreover, it has riches and strong briefness in depiction of Greek and Latin languages.

Second, you can travel to Russia, see its beauty of unique nature, the largest fresh-water lake in the world - Lake Baikal, see its history in Moscow and St Petersburg, see its culture and hospitality by meeting Russian people.

Third, you will be able to say to your Russian wife phrases in her language. Phrases like: "I can't live without you" (Я не могу жить без тебя), "I need you more and more" (Ты нужна мне больше и больше), "I love you with all my heart, with all my soul" (Я люблю тебя всем сердцем, всей душой)

Also, you can find business in new, developing Russian markets, or just bring God's word and His love to people from Russia or in Russia.


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